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Book a  funeral singer for moments,  where words alone, aren't enough.     A song, sung by a professionally trained Funeral Singer, can create a very special atmosphere at any type of funeral. Sometimes a beautiful song, sung well at a painful time in our lives enables us to move through these thresholds in life and can bring acceptance.

Book an experienced funeral singer to sing a favourite song or hymn.        I can sing the songs which have special meaning for your family, from classical music, folk songs and favourite hymns to popular songs.

Book a funeral singer to sing one solo song and leading the hymns will be included in the price.  When losing a loved one, it can often be hard to join in the  congregational singing. Many people find it comforting to have an experienced funeral singer singing beautifully and with a singing voice with more carrying power, sitting amongst the congregation. In this way I can be helping others to sing out more. 

Wide repertoire  -  yet bespoke requests taken.  I offer a free bespoke, personalised service designed to help you with questions and requests i.e. discussing  your song choices or for advice. 

At Funeral Singers UK, there is a wide choice of Songs and Hymns that both help to Celebrate a Life in Song, and to say Good-bye.

Book a funeral singer for any type of funeral  As a funeral singer, I am equally at home singing for Protestant funerals, Catholic Requiem Masses , Wakes, and for Secular Funerals (Humanist and Civil Funerals). As well as singing in different venues. Churches, cathedrals, crematoria, at the graveside, burials, castles, homes, etc 

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