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Why book a funeral singer to sing at a funeral?

Music plays a very important part in a funeral service. Having a funeral singer singing a favourite song, live, has often been mentioned as a very special moment in a funeral service.  Singing favourite songs adds a personal touch for family and friends. It is a wonderful way to celebrate a life. A funeral singer can for ex. sing uplifting or reflective songs, whatever you choose.

How far do you travel?

I am happy to travel to locations in Avon, Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Cirencester, Fairford, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Malmesbury,  Monmouthshire,  Oxford, Stourbridge, Stroud, Swindon, Tetbury, Tewkesbury, Wales, Warminster,  Warwickshire, Wiltshire, and Worcestershire. And many other places in the UK. Do call me to discuss locations further afield. 

Funeral Singing during Corona Virus

Can I still book a funeral singer during the corona virus crisis?

Yes, I am happy to sing for funerals - following the latest guide lines regarding safety for everyone present. The funeral singer isn't counted in the overall number allowed at the funeral.


Can we book you to sing to a live streamed funeral service?

Yes, I am happy to travel to the church and sing, where a funeral or memorial service will be streamed live, directly to your homes.


Can we book you to sing for a graveside Funeral Service?

I am happy and able to sing outside where social distancing is easier, and the risk of infection minimized. If amplification and professional backing tracks are needed, I can bring my QTZ busker sound system and mic. In this way I can replace both an organist and a choir, if needed.




Is it safe for the Congregation to Sing Hymns?

The spread of infection can increase during communal hymn singing. There have been instances of one choir member infecting many fellow choir singers. Until our safety level with regards to covid19 has settled at a low level, it is better that a funeral singer sings all the hymns. The congregation could then hum the Hymns with the solo singer, if they so wish. Alternatively hymns can be replaced by funeral singer solos of favourite songs.


Can we book a funeral singer for a funeral where only the close family is attending?

The number of those attending doesn’t matter the least to me. My commitment, professionalism and high quality singing remains the same. I will take precautions to minimise my proximity to you and your family, and I can also bring backing tracks so no organist is required, if needed, helping reduce the number of persons in the same space.  


Will you help me choose funeral songs & music?

You are  always more than welcome to call, text or email me, to discuss your requirements and/or ask for guidance regarding song choices. You can also browse my website, listen to my YouTube music videos, buy my 'Songs for celebrations' CD, called 'There is my Love'

Do I need an organist?

An organist usually accompany the hymns, and the organ supports the congregational singing perfectly. Many organists welcome the opportunity to accompany a professional funeral singer, for a solo or even two solo songs. However, in some churches, their organist only has basic skills and therefore wouldn't be able to accompany a funeral singer singing Schubert's Ave Maria for example.  When this is the case, I can either sing with one of my many pre-recorded high quality backing tracks. Either through the church's stereo or with my own busker speaker, if needed. Alternatively I am often able to find you another organist, who is able to stand in for the less skilled organist. Some more modern solo songs, however, won't work with an organ accompaniment. Sometimes there is a piano in the church, which can be used instead, or one of my backing tracks might be more suited. I will also very often buy a backing track specially for someone's song wish, if I don't already own it.

How many songs does a funeral singer usually sing?

Most families ask for a funeral singer to sing one or two songs, and lead the hymn singing. However, I can sing more if you wish and the service duration allows.

Can you sing songs by my favourite artists?

My voice range and type and interpretation might be very different from the singer you love.  
  • If you love a song AND the person who sings it (such as Frank Sinatra singing “My way”. Maybe use a CD for that song. 
  • If you love a song, and enjoy listening to different versions (such as the Judy Garland, Ariana Grande and Eva Cassidy versions of “Somewhere over the rainbow”), I am more than happy to sing it.


Can I book you just to sing along to the hymns with the congregation?

Yes, that is part of what I offer, it is known as 'Leading the Hymns'. I will sit amongst the congregation and let me louder voice be a support for everyone else singing. It costs £100 for me to lead all the hymns in a service.


Do you just sing for traditional funerals?
​I am more than happy to provide funeral singing for any kind of celebration of a life, Church of England funerals, Catholic Requiem Masses, humanist / civil funerals, wakes, grave-side funerals and memorial services.

Do you sing in other places than churches?

I can sing at any location approved for funeral services, including:  
  • crematoriums
  • cemetery chapels
  • woodland burial grounds
  • memorial services in hotels or gardens
  • cathedrals
  • castles

What will the Funeral Singer wear?

I always wear a black dress, unless I am requested otherwise. If you have a specific colour request for clothing - please do advise me.  I have various other special dresses I can wear instead in different colours.


Do we need to book through a funeral director?

No, I can be booked by you and your family directly. Most of my bookings are made that way. As a matter of courtesy, do tell your priest/Father and funeral director that I’ll be singing, so they can factor it into the funeral planning and preparations.

Are funeral expenses tax exempt?

All funeral expenses, including music, are tax free if paid for or claimed back through the estate of the deceased.
I'm on benefits - can I get help with the cost of a funeral?
Yes, if you or your partner meet certain criteria, you may be eligible for a Funeral Payment from the Dept of Work & Pensions via your JobCentrePlus.

Can I book you to sing for my own funeral?

Yes you can. The best way to ensure that you have the singer and music of your choice at your funeral is to let your family know of your wishes. You can plan all aspects of your funeral at websites such as, by filling in a questionnaire detailing your wishes, and requesting that Marianne Lihannah from Funeral Singers UK is your solo singer.


Do you also sing for weddings?

Yes, I can sing at weddings ceremonies as a soloist. See my website and

Do you have any other websites?

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